Land of Trash

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Sunday June 3rd @ 12:15 - Big top stage

Monday June 4th @ 1:30pm - big top stage

Tuesday june 5th @ 9:45am - big top stage

LAND OF TRASH is a futuristic adventure aimed at children in grades 2 through 6. The play demonstrates the effects of environmental abuse. What will the world be like in the year 2098? Nuke and Stryder live on the streets of an earth affected by climate change. In an age where there is “no time” to construct full sentences, their speech is jumbled and abbreviated. While exploring a toxic waste dump, they discover relics of the “old world” – computers, digital electronics – garbage familiar to a present day audience but mysterious to the futuristic characters. When the kids come across an old man named Carson, who remembers the old world, they learn about the colour and wonder that once existed on Earth, and are inspired to work with Carson to create a brighter future. LAND OF TRASH instills hope, and articulates that it is never too late to reverse the damages of pollution.

Curriculum Connections: Environmental & Personal Responsibility | Healthy Living

Best for ages 7 and up.

Click Here For Study Guide.

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