Marika Sila and James Jones by RedPath

Marika Sila and James Jones

Saturday june 1st @ 7:30 - blue sky stage

Sunday june 2nd @ 2:15 - blue sky stage

monday june 3rd @ 11:45 & 2:15 - blue sky stage

RedPath Entertainment offers a breathe-taking performance series with elements of traditional First Nations and Inuit dances mixed with cutting edge modern flow-arts to deliver an unforgettable show. Each performance includes; a traditional hoop dance performance by James, modern hoop dance by Marika, flute playing, a flag dance, comedy, pow-wow dance,crowd participation, LED hoop dance and a fire performance. RedPath performances and empowerment programs powerfully blend Indigenous culture and modern flow arts, using it to connect with and inspire spectators around the world. RedPath is a life style committed to living a life of respect, friendship, love, and empowerment. It is a journey committed to healing our past, and moving forward towards reaching our highest potential.Together, James and Marika have toured across Canada, the U.S, and Europe.Jones and Sila are alwaysexcited for new opportunities to perform and share their stories worldwide.

M A R I K A S I L A Marika Sila is an Inuit performer, actress and yoga teacher that has toured across Canada, the U.S and Europe performing, teaching yoga and the art of hoop dancing. Marika has quickly become one of Canada's top hoop dancers and was recently voted the 2016 Canadian Hooper of the Year. Marika is sponsored by Mood hoops and is proud to be a Nike N7 Influencer. She frequently performs at corporate events, banquets, and festivals but mostly enjoys inspiring and working with youth. Marika is proud to represent her Inuvialuit heritage and is currently focusing on acting, performing and teaching opportunities around the world.

J A M E S J O N E S James Jones is a Traditional First Nations Hoop Dancer who has performed and traveled across Europe,China, Australia, and North America. Some of James' notable performances include; 2010 Vancouver Olympics, 2014 Juno Awards, the 2015 Coachella Music Festival, and the 2015 Sydney Opera House.James has worked with such artists as K-OS and Snoop Dogg. In 2009, James appeared as a finalist on the popular TV show "So You Think You Can Dance Canada." For the past 4 years, James has toured with Juno Award winning group "A Tribe Called Red”. James also holds a degree in social work and enjoys mentoring youth and sharing his talents and culture worldwide.