otâcimow by Saskatoon Public School Indigenous Ensemble


tuesday june 4th @ 1:00 - blue sky stage

Storytelling is an integral part of oral tradition. There are two types of stories in nêhiyaw (Cree)tradition–âcimowin and âtayôhkêwin. âcimowina are personal narratives, while âtayôhkêwinaare sacred stories. The vision for this project is to focus on âcimowina, the personal narratives of the history of this land. One of the fundamental values in âcimowina is our responsibility to understand and care forokâwîmawaskiy (Mother Earth). She has provided all we need throughout the history of our people. It is from her that we are given life. This play touches on the history of Treaty in this territory, and the relationship that nêhiyaw people have with okâwîmawaskiy. This is whyâcimowina are important to be shared and retold to the younger generations. These âcimowina carry the knowledge about Treaty relationship that our âniskotâpâak (great grandparents) believed would be held with the utmost respect. The dances that are integrated into the play describe our relationships with each other, and with okâwîmawaskiy