Welcome Message for Schools

Welcome Teachers to the 2017 Children’s Festival! 

(Before you buy tickets, make sure that you fill out our School Registration form to ensure that you get space for your class in the show of your choice!)

Our school days this year are Monday June 5th and Tuesday June 6th. We have an exciting assortment of music, puppetry, theatre, and circus arts that are sure the delight any class!

Our registration package will go live on Monday February 27, 2017. In the meantime, please have a look at the teacher guide.

Please click *here* to access our 2017 Teacher Package. (Remember, in order to attend a Main Stage show, please don't purchase your tickets until after you have filled out the reservation form. See below for details.)

Ready to buy tickets? Call us at 306.664.3378!

Find out more information about our school Main Stage shows:


Hip Hop Hoop Dance

Les Parfait Inconnus

Le Groupe Swing

Les trois points de Tryo

The Canada Show

Kimimila - An Indigenous Dance Journey

The Kif-Kif Sisters

Mr. Circus

Tickets are $10 per person ($7.52 plus with GST and service charge) which includes rush seating admission to Big Top Stage or Blue Sky Stage shows and all of the on-site participatory activities.

If you indicate that you would like to see two shows, we will try to accommodate you on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Here's how our new School Registration process works: 

1. Click *here* to fill out our online registration form: 

  • Tell us your first choice and second choice of Big Top and Blue Sky shows
  • Let us know if your group may be eligible to receive sponsored tickets through our Outreach program 

2. The Children's Festival will e-mail you within 3 business days to:

  • confirm your reservation for one Big Top Stage or Blue Sky Stage
  • let you know if your class may be eligible to receive sponsored Outreach tickets
  • inform you how to purchase your tickets by calling our office

3. Big Top and Blue Sky Stage reservations will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. 

  • Register early for best choice of shows. 
  • If you would like to see two shows, we will let you know if there is space in your second choice by April 15.

4. If you are eligible to receive sponsored Outreach tickets, we will inform you of this. 

  • School Outreach tickets will be allocated on April 15 and you will be informed by the 20th. 
  • The Festival will distribute School Outreach tickets as equitably as possible among all eligible school groups. Please be aware that even if you do group receive School Outreach sponsored tickets, you may still need to purchase some additional tickets for your group to attend.

5. Purchase tickets for your group through our office. Tickets are $10 (this is the full price including GST and service charge). Everyone in your group must have a ticket - this includes all students, teachers, staff, parent volunteers, and anyone else who reserved space to attend with your school group. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • must purchase tickets by April 15 to confirm your reservation, or the space you reserved in Big Top or Blue Sky Stages may be offered to another school group. 
  • Tickets are $10 each and may be purchased through our office with credit or a cheque. 

6. We will do our best to accommodate any school groups who register after the April 15 deadline, however we cannot guarantee that your group will be able to reserve space in Big Top or Blue Sky Stage shows.

7. We will send school packages with wristbands and an information package:

  • through the inter-school mailing system (in Saskatoon)
  • via Canada Post (outside Saskatoon)
  • late orders must be picked up in person from our box office in the Bessborough Hotel prior to the Festival.

Please email teacher.childfest@gmail.com with your questions and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Thank you for taking the time to fill out our registration. Thank you for your patience while we find a new way of doing things this year. We welcome your feedback about our new system.

Thank you, and see you at the Festival!

Carlene James

Teacher Liaison


Or Contact Rachel Wormsbechergmchildfest@gmail.com or 306-664-3378