The Great Balanzo


Sunday june 2nd @ 12:15 - big top stage

monday june 3rd @ 12:45 - big top stage (french)

tuesday june 4th @ 1:00 - big top stage

The Great Balanzo turns the everyday into an adventure with a circus comedy show full of irreverent humour and unique circus stunts that will amaze you. He’s been seen live by over 1 million people in 13 countries around the world, had repeat invitations to Just for Laughs, sold-out shows at the National Arts Centre, and once John Cleese from Monty Python said ‘Hello’ to him. The show includes big balances, vaudevillian hat tricks, the famous cracker illusion, elegance, silliness, a touch of danger, and more. Don’t miss the first  ever performances of the Great Balanzo at the Nutrien Children’s Festival of Saskatchewan!