Will's Jams Live

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Saturday june 2nd @ 12:00pm

The Will’s Jams Live show is a new interactive multimedia show integrating video content from his TV series with live music by the Backyard Band, featuring lots of sing-along fan favourites from the series. The show first premiered in China in July 2017 as an engaging way to teach the English language to Chinese children and will be on tour in China in July 2018 again. In Canada, the show first premiered in Toronto at the Al Green Theatre on November 12, followed by the Vancouver premiere at the Roundhouse Arts & Recreation Centre on November 26. The aim of the show is to teach children English vocabulary in a fun and engaging way by exploring the themes of creativity, art and imagination, reading and literacy, sports and sportsmanship, and respect for people, animals and the planet.

Monday June 4th @ 11:15AM

Will Stroet and The Backyard Band

Catchy and kinetic, Will Stroet and his Backyard Band perform a high-energy show in English and French with fun actions and sing-along choruses. Kids will be cheering for libraries, loving their bikes and rallying for vegetables – all while they’re on their feet and dancing away. Will’s original rock, pop and blues-based songs are about imagination, reading and literacy, sports and sportsmanship, art, road safety and living an active lifestyle.